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I don't care much about collecting llamas, but if you send me one, I'll gladly send you one back to help your collection.

I love how so many people assume I'm male because I like My Little Pony. Isn't that statement an oxymoron, anyway? xD

:iconmegustaplz: All of my art is made with love.

Added me to your watch? Thank you! However, I do ask that you browse all my art before watching me. Just because I draw something once doesn't mean I'll make it a habit!

I am a junior majoring in Illustration at the College for Creative Studies, and I look forward to becoming a graphic novelist. I'm taking a minor in Entertainment Arts.

I always read comments, even if I don't respond! <3 They make me smile and feel fluffy inside.

I draw ponies, but I don't ONLY draw ponies. If you watch me, expect a bit of ponies and a bit of personal art. I don't believe in making a new DA just for posting my pony art.

I draw anime-styled, but that's because of personal preference. I know how the body works, how it's proportioned, and how to draw from live models, too. Yes, I go to art school. No, I don't post my homework here. I do a great deal of drawing the human body. I use my knowledge there to maximize my accuracy in drawing stylized art.

I'm not taking commissions. I am waaaaaay too busy with work and school to promise people things that I probably won't be able to finish on time. To save both you and I the grief, I don't take commissions or requests any longer. In addition to this, I'd like to note that the kind of commissions most users on deviantART post are not worth my time. An artist should be paid for the time they spend on art. Even at minimum wage, a lot of pieces in my gallery are worth over $50, and illustrators should not be paid that low. You really don't know how much art is worth until you spend time in the industry and know what goes into it! If you get a great $10 commission on here, you should be over-ecstatic and grateful to the artist you got it from! A lot of the time, a bit of gratitude is all it takes to make their time worthwhile!
So I'm trying my hand at it. Currently, I've got Derpy roaming my tumblr for everyone to see.

I have no problem making or exporting the .gif images to use. It's just taking time. These are the two main cycles I've done of Antiquity. After I complete her, I may do Lightfoot's as well. My OCs

I used the trot cycle and standing templates that the Desktop Pony folks have for community use. I orchestrated the blink myself, as well as the mane, tail, shoes, etc.

The part I'm going to have problems with is making it into an .ini file. I have no idea how, but since it has to do with programming, I'm going to assume that any tools the Desktop Pony team have included are more suited for Windows, and I have a Mac.

If anyone has found a tutorial on how to define those interactions for your ponies (i.e., speech bubbles, making them walk around, etc.), please let me know, even if it's for Windows (I can use my desktop at home)! The only tutorials I've come across have to do with the actual gif-making.

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